Genderqueer Belly Dancer Finds His Groove
Military Times
Japanese American Vet Witnessed U.S. Army Desegregation
Chicago Access Network Television
Immigration: Muslim Ban and Japanese Internment
(30-min TV show)
Music Video
Taiwanjin - Official Music Video
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Video Reel
100 Sec
Social Media Video
Rolling Thunder Ride to D.C. for 30 Years
Medill Reports Chicago
Chicago Downtown Street Performers Ban Deferred
Military Times
Elbe Day symbolizes a hope between US and Russia
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Fort Worth student thrilled to be part of National Spelling Bee
Medill Reports Chicago
89-Year-Old Japanese American Recalls Internment Camp Memory
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The News Lens
Do People Want to Join the Eurozone? (Animation)
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The News Lens
Why Japanese People Always Say "itadakimasu" Before They Eat (Animation)
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More video work on Medill Reports Chicago

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